October 11,  2014


Dreams, the only places

where wishes become real.

No shame,

no pain,

no fear.

Mind’s flowering gardens

embrace vain limb.

Crumby clouds

graze blue skys  forever and ever.

Dreams go on breathing on my face.



Autunno le foglie

You, only you and the wind.

October 17th, 2014


Falling leaves from the autumn trees

you fly slowly down the streets.

You run around cars, bicycles and walls.

Colored curls wrap gray lamps,

yellow tracks decorate blue skies.

Free leaves you follow the Autumn breeze,

no destination,

no adress,

                                                                                                                                   no name.


images chains

October  24th 2014



Inconsistent Experiences
float in  minds and bodies
forced by unbreakable chains.
Will or duty?

November 01st 2014
 Sadness  climbs the steps’ heart slowly, quietly, tiptoeing.
She arrives at the door, she stops, she smiles like a cat
and enters without knocking.
Sadness  finds you , as you are, she  takes off your  party’s clothes,
she looses your  hair and  whispers to you gently:
” Baby,  go to bad and sleep “.
November 21th, 2014
” Black & White”
No Black
No White
no pain
no happiness
no extreme sensations
in your mind
in your body.
” It is no good ” You said.
Are you a real human being
or a quite fish swimming in the calm lake’s waters?
December 14th 2014
” Human “
Hot & Cold
flesh & blood
pulp & senses
mistakes & successes
everything inside of us
trembles like wonderful music
be human
be alive
don’t stop beating
December 30th, 2014
” White Snow “

Let it snow…at least

Pure white flakes fall down




You light up  dark nights

You hide cold grass

Real profiles are undefinite


You turn reality into dream

Everything is different

Dear snow…

your white hand embraces me warmly…

Stay…one more night…

snoopy mai innamorarsi di un fiocco




foto 479 pettirosso


Genuary 13th 2015

” Happiness”


Happiness is….

a blue sky,

birds on my balcony

eating my bread,

a good coffee,

your words wishing good morning,

your warm voice and my happy laugh.

Simple things

important ones







Genuary 29th 2015


” Sometimes”



gray clouds ride my blue sky


different questions invide my soul


I wonder

am I on the right way ?

May I look for the answer

inside of me?





February 25th 2015


”  Mr. Time “


Mr Time

you run

you walk

you laugh

across my soul’s sky

careless of me

You go on sure of your self.

Please Mr Time

take a moment and listen

to this little girl,

grent her’s tiny wish,

once more






March 10th 2015

” Letter to my heart “

Dear Heart,
sombody told me
to let you stop beating.
So, please, stop beating.
Sombody told me
don’t love,
so please, my dear heart,
stop loving,
stop feeling good and pleasant sensations,
stop  being happy.
Somebody told me
love is soffering,
please my heart don’t suffer.
Don’t worry my dear heart
I don’t believe in those words.
Go on beating
life is
and more and more.
So please, my dear heart
be alive.
” All you need is love “
by The Beatles
March 20t 2015
 ” Empty room
Empty room
bare walls
closed windows
silence all over.
Is love still alive?
April 17th 2015
” Disappointment “
Disappontment arises from the deep
blossoms like a flower
in your soul,
petals unfolds slowly
discover the pistil,
the weeping  growing
you can only cry
346b4pe ali
May 28th 2015
” Happiness, beating wings flaying away “
Happiness is so intense, powerful,
brief moments fill the heart, like a river in flood the penalty
and you do not believe,
but it is the reality.
We must bring them inside
they do not last long
and just one word  is enough
to take them away from you.
Beating wings.
real  flapping wings sound on:
May 29th 2015
” Tears “
I do not want to cry.
Tears climb down naturally.
What does my internal voice try to tell me ?
Is there somebody who really know me,
really like my nature ?
I wish to be what I am,
it is very complicated.
I fell like Don  Don Chisciotte and his   windmills.
Tears are climbing down
I can’t stop them.
June 16th 2015
” Summer rain “
 Summer Rain

Your pungent scent takes us even before your    crystal drops.

stop for a moment,

breathe deeply the  air full of  fresh and joyful caresses,

run fast in the rain,

laughing and opening  arms.

Summer rain will refresh you,

wash the dust from your tired eyes,

from your challenging days .

Summer rain  will give new energy, pure and clear.


Summer rain

will surprise you.


2151269693 pioggia estate






June 21th, 2015


” Silly Lady”




Silly Lady

you do believe in love,

you are still young and child

in mind and heart.

It’s time to grow up.

Let your child dreams float away,

to the river, to the sea, to the sky


Say good-bye to

your joyful smiles,

your happyness expressions,

Christmas and Birthday presents.

What a pleasure to buy little things

thinking to the one you love,

looking at him laughing and smiling.

Don’t do that,


Love take different shapes,

is it true?




JULY 11ST 2015
” Herons “
My heart be strong
don’t let you down,
follow the herons ‘ fly along the river
stop and enjoy that wonderful sunset.
My heart love
don’t expect anything.
Nobody can understand you.
The only one is me.
September 03rd 2015
” Free considerations on my skin “
An anonymous poet wrote:
” When you wish something, she arrives.”
The poet, however, did not say:
“…except to you, my silly girl.”
I am a person, I think postivie, wishes can come true.
Come true, of course,
but not mine, this is obvious.
  May I  believe again, again and again such  as a child?
I love children becouse they believe anyway.
I don’t want to grow up
 to be like those people cynical and sad
I do not know anymore, I’m tired of suffering.
Does life goes this way?
September 22, 2015
” Clouds “
Gray clouds obscure my sky,
the sun hides,
 the sadness arrives.

Hot summer,
please stay.
It is not time
to go away.
Don’t go blu sky,
October 20th 2015
” Passion & Reason”

Can passion meets reason?

Can logic and instinct  live together?

Desires can succumb to the logic of duty?

I think rationally and act instinctively



I meet a sad reality.

Duality is part of me,

a difficult cohabitation.

Is it the right way?






October 31th 2015


to embrace you.

” The Sun & me “


I wish to be sun

to touch your face.

I wish to be seawater

I wish to be breeze

to kiss your lips.

I’m just a little & powerless woman


can’t do

any of that.







December 01st 2015

” Coloured balloons “


My questions,

coloured balloons,

fly up in the sky

slowly, quietly.

They follow the sweet breeze

of my doubts.

Uncertain Hanging,

Sweet  Limbo

Misleading Fog

Where is the Truth ?






December 22th 2015


Who loves always lose


“Silly Lady you lose,

who loves always lose.

This is the reason why nobody loves


Love is the best thing humanbeing

has got.

I know, you believe it.

Don’t cry ,

your heart is inside of you

strong and pride.

Somewhere over the rainbow…..






Jenuary 22th, 2016




the weight of sadness  brings you to your knees

even if you do not want








Jenuary 22th, 2016



the weight of sadness  brings you to your knees

even if you do not want



April 03rd 2016




go away from me

let this body free.

I’m your prisoner.

You live

You are strong

You are palpitant


I become sad & blue

somenthing is missing.





clear sky,

April 19th 2016


Life is meant to be lived




  heart, soul, body the same





This is our nature.


June 23rd 2016
” The flight dreamers “
Dreamer, hopes
the one who hopes, dreams
Dreamer, believes
the one who believes, dreams
Dreamer, loves
the one who loves, dreams  
Can dreams come true?
I do not have this power
October 06th 2016
No One Knows
No one kn
,no one wants to know,
unanswerend questions float in the air,
leaves without a branch,
sheets of paper with no writing,
flags without a country.It is cruel.


Genuary 20th 2017


“My need”
My need is your smell
My  need is your lips
My need is your stern voice
 My need is your voice low, 
My need is your laugh
My need is your warm and strong hand shaking me
My need is You “


April 28th 2017


Tears like rain

rain like tears

cry my heart

Love is not for you

it is written somewhere

I have no power

I’m very sorry

my heart


don’t hate me


May 05th 2017

Sad heart,

sad thoughts

no smile

no sun

no blue sea

I’m feeling so blue…

silly Lady


July 21,  2017


Sometimes time stops.

Sometimes, everything stops.

It  looks wrapped in a slight morning mist.

I walk slowly, sure to get to you.

But you’re not there.

Light fronds move in the wind,

maybe your voice?

Fuzzy swishes …

maybe your hands?

My bare feet feel the fresh grass,

 the dew tickling the ankles.

Where are you?

Do not go .



August 23th 2017


I look at the sailboat
I suppose you are there
And my eyes smile

All my efforts are useless …
Come close … useless

Why is it so difficult?


August 30th 2017


Silly Lady…

stop dreaming…

You have no Power At all. ..

You are Not important …

Dreams are Just Dreams. ..

Not reality. ..

You don’t want to understand….

Silly Lady


November 02nd 2017

” Black & White”
No Black
No White
no pain
no happiness
no extreme sensations
in your mind
in your body.
” It is no good ” You said.
Are you a real human being
or a quite fish swimming in the calm lake’s waters?
December 14th 2017
Silly and stubborn woman …
you know it inside of you …
but you believe anyway and in spite of everything …
because you believe in love.
Don’t give up
February 27th 2018
You are complicated
you said
What does it means?
I asked
No answer
Is it a complicated question?
jpg rs
March 06th 2018
”  Tears follow  sadness
down on  knees.
Cold rain falls
on Love’s roses “
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